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5.0 Events of the end times (an overview)

The goal of this chapter is to give a sweeping view of the complex events of the end times, following the descriptions as I see them given by several of the prophets, apostles and Jesus himself. Note.

Concerning peoples wiev of Bible's prophesies, I want to warn for following extreems:

  1. to throw away all prophecy.
  2. to accept every interpretation, becauce it seams resonable
  3. to believe the prophesies, but be so stuck in traditional interpretation models, so it will be impossible to understand the reality.
For example: the scribes in the days of Jesus knew very well all prophesies about the coming Messias. But they were so blinded by their own interpretations that they never realized that Jesus Christ was their Messias.

An interpretation which is presented as truth will:

The presentation of this chapter is a summary of the Maxi-text, which primarily follows the message of the book of Revelation. Even if some of what I say proves to be an incorrect interpretation, I hope that the presentation is so easily understood,

that the reader will be able to study and understand for himself, as current new events clearly confirm, just where we stand on the time scale.

In several cases in my presentation, I have chosen to portray a more literal fulfillment of the prophecies in the Bible. It would still be wise, however, to remain open for a more symbolic meaning and fulfillment of certain prophecies.

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