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5.8 Raptured out of the persecution

Raptured out of the persecution
Those who remain faithful to God have the promise of his protection. (Luk.21:8-36, Rev.12, Maxi chapter 8, 12, Prophetic/Tecnical supplement)

God's protection, symbolized by his seal, is variously interpreted between these two extremes:

  1. The protection is perhaps a special land or independent region in a remote area. Jesus admonishes us to pray that we would be able to flee to this place in time. However, for us to be able to know what we should do, we must have learned to receive information from Christ our head, in the way that the Chinese Christians have (see note 2 on illustration 5.5).
  2. That we will be given strength to endure the test, if so required. If our assignment is to witness to the truth before a judge, God will supply to us the words we are to say. In the best case, the judge is saved, and we are released to freedom. Some, however, will be killed in connection with such trials. The Bible maintains that even in these cases God will work all things for good with those who love him.
    The furnace of suffering can adorn the Bride by purifying the "gold from the slag" - such things as hate, and feelings of revenge. Suffering also finetunes our ability to see and understand the difference between evil and good.
  3. Now all possibilities are emptied for the victorius Bride to change the development of the society to the better.
    Therefore the long-awaited final salvation for the overcoming Bride of Christ will occur at the seventh trumpet, out of the midst of the tribulation, and away from the judgement of wrath.

In brief, the following will happen at that time: (Matt.25:1-13, 1Cor.15:51-58, 1Thess.4:13-18, 2Thess.2)

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