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5.7 The Antichrist and the last battle

The Antichrist and the last battle
The Antichrist will certainly help the Jews to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem, if they have not already done it. The Antichrist will most likely start off as a defender of religion, and as a brilliant leader who brings peace and economic order after world war III.
Through this process he will introduce an entirely cash-free economic system, which will make impossible any private commerce. Only those who receive the "mark of the beast", implying loyalty to him, will be able to buy or sell. The beast will attempt to starve others into obedience to himself.

The last battle between truth and falsehood will also begin at this time, perhaps allowed by God to be seen worldwide on television broadcast from Jerusalem.

Viewers will be forced to make a choice which will determine their destiny: Who represents the truth, God's two prophets, or the false prophet of the beast?

The false prophet is the propaganda minister of the Antichrist. His first ambition is to motivate people to choose the Antichrist as the leader of the world. Both sides in this battle will have great power to back up their words with signs and wonders. Like Pharaoh's magicians in Egypt, the false prophet will also be able to perform miracles, in order to deceive people who do not love the truth enough to be willing to pay the price. Once the Antichrist has seized power, he will take his seat in the temple, demanding divine worship.

At this time, an intense persecution of Christians will begin, with the result that many will fall away from the faith. Note.

Most seriously affected may be those who have been taught that the rapture will occur before any tribulation begins.

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