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5.6 Worship and the presence of God bring forth life

Worship and the presence of God bring forth life
In the western world, worship services are all too often characterized by rigid tradition and religious entertainment.
The congregation's active participation is limited to the unison singing of songs or hymns, and to the giving of the offering.

In contrast, the atmosphere of meetings are transformed wherever the waves of revival pour forth:

  • the program is characterized by the obvious leading of the Holy Spirit.
  • ordinary men and women begin to learn to minister as priests of their king, expressed through service to their neighbors as they offer the gift of salvation.
  • Christians who begin to live in a harmonious and loving fellowship comprise a living temple in which God can manifest his healing presence, kindness, power and glory through accompanying signs and wonders.
  • Wherever the Spirit's double-portion river, flowing from the presence of God in the temple, is allowed to break forth into society at large, refreshing comes to both nature and people. (Ezekiel 47:1-12)

It is a serious matter to realize that we ourselves are partially responsible for opening or closing off such a healing presence of God.

The same principle applies also to how much we can rely on God promises of protection under persecution. If we hav`nt trained ourselfs to recognize our Lords voice like these Chinese have done in our example above, our Head might be unable to guide us as needed during persecutions.

Note 3:
Therefore God's promises of his protection during persecutions only apply (symbolically according to Rev. 11:1-2 ) to those who daily sacrify their own will and flesh at the inner court, before they enter into the sanctuary before God in praises and prayer. Those who usually remain at the outside court run a greater risk of being surrendered to Gods enemies, who are allowed to trample the outside court under their feet during 3,5 years.

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