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5.4 Falsehood's counter-revival in the end times

Falsehood's counter-revival in the end times
During the 1900's, spiritual counter-movements have increased in both number and scope. These are for the most part inspired by God's enemy, the Devil.

  1. At one end of the spectrum, we encounter atheism, which denies God, and at the other end we find satanism and devil-worshippers, which openly worships the Devil.
  2. After world war II, a wave of traditional pagan religions made their appearance in the western world. These include an interest in occultism, ancient mythological gods, astrology, witchcraft and shamanism. The greatest influence has probably come from the New Age philosophies, which have strongly pervaded our mass media.
  3. The final and greatest devil-inspired spiritual outpouring follows the fifth trumpet, when extremely wicked spirits are released from the pit of hell. At this point, the birth pains transition into the tribulation.

Everyone who refuses God's offer of salvation will become easy prey for these evil spirits. They will incite people to deeds of terror, local wars and ultimately the third world war, marked by the sixth trumpet.

World war III will be a terrible nuclear war in which a third of the world's population will be killed, and the world economy will crash into chaos. As a result of these disasters, people will begin to desire a strong leader who can secure peace, and bring order to the world's economy. This will set the stage for the Antichrist, who will come on the scene as the most cunning and complete liar in the history of the world.

Before this, however, we shall see a little more of God's activity in the end time revival.

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