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5.1 The end of the age

The end of the age
When people become more and more fearful of the future, the biblical prophecies are there to give us hope. The Book of Revelation reveals that Jesus Christ has the final authority, and not the Devil or evil.

The endtime is described as a chain of events with seals, trumpets and bowls:
  1. The breaking of the seals opens the final battle between truth and falsehood.
    • The one with a bow, who rides a white horse, represents the Truth, which is preached during the end time revivals. (Rev. 6)
    • The one with a sword, who rides a red horse, represents various forms of satanic lies, which take peace from the earth and cause the troubles and wars of the end times.
    • As stated earlier, the bringing forth of new life is accompanied by birth pains which intensify and become more frequent towards the actual birth. The continued breaking of the seals releases increasing war, famine, epidemics, persecutions and earthquakes.

  2. The first four trumpets describe environmental destruction in times of peace and war. (Rev. 8) The last three trumpets affect humanity. (Rev. 9) The fifth and sixth trumpets release evil spirits which mainly torment nonbelievers, and instigate the third world war, which is the judgement of the sixth trumpet.

  3. At the seventh trumpet, the Bride is taken up from the earth. With this, God's protection comes to an end, and the judgements of wrath begin. ( Rev. 16) During this time, evil people under the leadership of the Antichrist will deceive and kill one another without restraint.
In a grossly oversimplified view, it could be said that God's only intervention is through earthquakes. The rest of the plagues of the end times are brought on by people themselves, as a result of their false ideologies which motivate their behavior.
If the seals and the trumpets, moreover, primarily represent trends, the whole end time process will proceed more unnoticed than if they represented instantaneous events.

In the case of trends, the entire end time period could very well stretch out over 100-150 years. In this case, we could perhaps already be in the middle of this chain of events, somewhere between the first and the sixth trumpets.

Present day prophesies are presented in the Prophetic/Tecnical supplement.(Will be published later)

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