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5.11 Jesus' return as King

Jesus' return as King
Before long, the dominion of the Antichrist begins to disintegrate into several civil wars. (Dan.11:44) Ultimately, peoples from the whole world are gathered for the final battle of the end times, which includes the battle of Armageddon.
Those who aren't killed by conventional and nuclear weapons will die of earthquakes, pestilence and other diseases.(Rev.19-20:1-6) In order to prevent the total destruction of the human race, Christ will step down from heaven and bring things to an end.

When Christ returns with all his saints, he will be seen by the entire world. (Perhaps on TV?)

At that moment, if not earlier, everyone will realize the truth, that they have rejected Christ, and chosen the Antichrist. They will therefore then be overcome by such fear that they will hide in caves (perhaps fallout shelters) and long to die. Their wish will soon be granted as they are crushed by the world's greatest earthquake, in which both mountains and cities will collapse in rubble. Of course, the world market economy will also collapse, which embodies the ancient sin of the worship of profit as an idol.

Only a handful will survive:

  • When the surviving Jews see Jesus, a spirit of prayer and grace will be poured out over them so that they will both acknowledge and confess their sin. As a result, they will all be saved at once, and Israel will become the first nation in history to have every person born again. Several others will follow their example during the millennium.
  • In many countries, humanity will be so decimated, almost to annihilation, that people will be as rare as gold, in fact, a male as rare as fine gold. (Isaiah 13:11-12, 24:5-6)
  • The judgement seat of Christ began in the heavens with the Bride of Christ, and it is completed on earth with the judgement of the survivors. Those who helped others (for example, the poor and refugees), will enter into the Millennium. Those who ignored the plight of others and did evil will be cast into hell. (Matthew 16:27, 25:31ff)
The evil "trinity" is dethroned:
First, the Antichrist/beast and the false prophet are captured and thrown into the lake of fire forever. Then the Devil is captured. He is imprisoned in the bottomless pit until the thousand years are ended, and then he will be released for a short time in order to expose those who have practiced simply a nominal Christianity. After this, he will also be condemned to eternity in the lake of fire. (See illustration 4.8)

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