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5.10 The judgements of wrath begin

The judgements of wrath begin
When the protection is removed, which the Bride's presence on earth gave to humanity, and the Devil and his angels are cast down to earth, all hell literally breaks loose. The Antichrist will then become completely possessed by the Devil. Further, through the false revival's spiritual outpouring, people will become possessed by evil spirits so that they themselves will carry out most of the judgements.

In this way, those who have chosen to follow the Antichrist will reap the consequences of their decision during the bowls of wrath.

This period will be more horribly awful than any other time on earth in the past, or in the time to come.

  • The wrath of the Antichrist will turn first against the false Christians of the harlot church which will be plundered and consumed in fire. During the previous period of the final persecution against the true church, the harlot church sided with the beast in betrayal of the Bride.( See illustrations 6.2, 7.9 and 7.11)
  • The Antichrist will then further direct his wrath against the Jews. He will declare war against the state of Israel. Out of the entire population of Israel, only a third will survive, who will subsequently go through an extremely difficult time called "Jacob's trouble."
  • In this intense persecution, they will finally realize their crucial mistake. They have not only rejected God's Son, Jesus Christ as Messiah, but they have worshiped the Antichrist, who is the Devil's false substitute for their Messiah.
    Now, for the first time, they are ready to confess their sin, pray for forgiveness, and to mourn deeply for Jesus.

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