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4. A short overview of the plan of salvation

In this chapter we examine our own time's prophetically significant events in the context of a several thousand year perspective. To more easily perceive the main features of this complex plan of salvation: This division is absolutely not "set in stone", but is primarily an aid which gives necessary structure to our presentation. The most important aspect of what we are communicating lies not with the individual details but rather the overall message, which is that:

History and the future are not without purpose and meaning. We can discern the hand of God upon human history and in present-day affairs, and this gives us security as we face the future.

Finally, in all love I'd like to give you some good advice: Don't get hung up on particulars where you and I might differ in opinion, or where I'm perhaps even wrong. Instead, try to gain a firmer grip on the core issues of the prophetic messages through what you read.

This will become for you a "life-line" which I believe we both need in order to not be blindly carried along with the current of the world.