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4.6 The bride's purpose on earth, and salvation

The bride's purpose on earth, and salvation
Anytime new life is brought forth, it is associated with birth pains, which intensify towards the moment of birth. As the millennial kingdom is brought forth, birth pains will increase into the Tribulation, which will transition into the judgements of wrath. This progression is seen in that the last seal releases the seven trumpets, and the last trumpet releases the bowls of wrath--in the same way that certain rockets blast through several stages. End time Christians are called The Bride of Christ. They play a significant role as long as it is useful for them to remain here on earth.

The purposes for end time Christians are given as:
  • to preach the Gospel to all peoples, and to demonstrate through their lifestyle its life changing power.
  • to faithfully expose the devilish nature and consequences of evil, both for this time and for eternity,
  • with the goal that people wake up and begin to pray that the Kingdom of God takes over.
Only when the Bride fulfills her mission will she be rescued out of the Tribulation, at the sound of the last trumpet, and spared the judgements of wrath, which will subsequently destroy humanity.

In a similar way, at the time of God's judgements in their own age, Noah was rescued out of the great flood, Lot from Sodom, the Israelites from drowning in the Red Sea, and the early Christians from the destruction of Jerusalem.

On the other hand, until we're rescued, we should be prepared for one or two great wars which kill many and open the way for the appearance of the Antichrist.

Note: The meanings of the symbolic language, are explained in the midi- and maxi-texts. Alternative opinions of when the Bride will be rescued, are explained in the end of the next chapter. (For instance: could the rapture occur before or after the end-time, instead of during it?) Take a look at 5.14 - 5.16 Supplements But read first through chapter 5 in order to understand them better!

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