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4.3 Increasing light or darkness

Increasing light or darkness
In the fall of man, humans chose the tree of knowledge. God has given us a free will, and He respects that choice. Therefore He allows our choice of lifestyle to be the key issue in our knowledge-based society.

So we will see that the origin and the consequences of both good and evil will become exposed in a more tangible way than ever before in this age of knowledge.

The "choice" implies that:
  1. Darkness and evil will increase in those communities where people reject Christ and choose the way of selfishness (Isaiah 60:1-3)

  2. The light of truth will arise as a life-giving sun where people:
    • accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and convert to his unselfish lifestyle, and
    • they will experience a touch of God's goodness.
The news media will report on conversions and healings which will shake even large cities. Miracles will occur which exceed those recorded in the Bible.

Masses of people will literally storm into the kingdom of heaven in this last great revival of the end times, exactly as Jesus prophesied. (Matthew 11:12 and illustration 5.3.)

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