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3.8 The Middle East: Battleground of the Future?

Battleground of the Future?
In all probability, tension over the world's last oil reserve will lead to one or more wars. In Ezekiel 38, which is generally viewed as describing one of the battles at the end of the age, the prophet asks the question: "Have you come to seize spoil?" (verse 13) The illustration shows that the oil transport from the Middle East will, by the year 2010, become equal in magnitude and vulnerability to the conditions of the Mid- East oil crisis of the 1970's.

According to the Bible, the end of this age will be characterized by war and earthquakes, among other things. With the two following illustrations, we will give examples of how our at-risk society could make better preparations for the future. If society as a whole fails to plan for the future, Christian churches throughout the world should themselves make preparations.

In the last great revival which will accompany the crisis times at the end of the age, Christian fellowships should be prepared to offer help to those around them.