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3.4 Energy consumption per capita

Energy consumption per capita
An excellent example of the injustice and the perilous nature of our current situation, is the energy consumption per capita in different regions of the world. The illustration shows how it varies between different countries.

As seen, the energy consumption:
  • of the wealthy nations is at least 10 times more per person
  • than that of the poor nations
  • North America, Sweden, and the eastern European countries of the former Soviet Union have extremely high per capita consumption.
In the eastern European countries, the high energy consumption results from their dependence on outdated, inefficient technology. Sweden's high energy consumption is due, among other things, to the fact that their steel and paper industries require more energy than other types of industries.

In light of the growing information-based society's ecological awareness,
the imbalance between the wealthy and poorer nations appears all the more unjust.

International experts have therefore begun to assert that the wealthy nations should unilaterally begin to decrease their energy consumption by a factor of 4-10, which at the present time is a political impossibility. Therefore, tensions between the poor and wealthy nations can be expected to increase in proportion to the continuing decrease in the earth's energy resources.

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