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3.2 Self-Centeredness and biological population increase

To some, humans are regarded as simply higher forms of animal life. This illustration shows what happens when bacteria and animal populations reproduce in an uncontrolled environment. As long as sufficient habitat is available, the animal population increases dramatically. But when it becomes too warm in the "compost", or if food supplies become scarce, the animals begin to destroy one another.

The greater the increase in the world's human population, the greater the stresses become upon humanity.

These stresses result from:

  • destruction of the environment, becomes increasingly alarming in third-world countries, due to lack of sufficient water and food.
  • disproportionate use of the world's resources by the industrialized countries. Although they comprise only 20% of the world's population they use over 80% of the world's resources.
  • possible drastic consequences of nuclear war or chemical weapons, both of which can devastate the population.
  • Unless this end comes earlier, it will inevitably occur in the Battle of Armageddon, which preceeds Christ's return as King.(illustration 5.11).

Our current societal lifestyle is equally selfish as that of animals and bacteria.
If we wish to continue living as animals, we will also risk dying like animals.

The purpose of the Bible's prophesies concerning the future is therefore:

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