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3.12 Change to the right lifestyle

Change to the right lifestyle
The battle over humanity's future centers ultimately on our choice of lifestyle:
  • Christ therefore came to the world to among other things give us a perfect example of what the lifestyle of God's kingdom looks like. He showed us that truth, love and freedom are the predominant characteristics, and he also demonstrated that the one who would be greatest must be the servant of all.
  • The World's lifestyle, which is inspired by the Devil, is characterized by lies, violence and hate. Gaining power over as many as possible, is the driving goal.

Never before in the history of the world have so many people been willing to change lifestyle as now in our information-based society.

It is etimated that between 1980 - 2000, more people accepted Christ as their Savior than those coming to Christ between the day of Pentecost and the beginning of 1900.
Particularly remarkable is the change of lifestyle which is ongoing in Latin America, where the Spirit-led revival has challenged the predominant "macho-male" culture. To become converted in this revival means to not just put aside drinking, gambling and immorality, but for the father of the family, it means to begin taking an interest in the home, the education of the children and saving for the future. In this way, a foundation is also laid for a vibrant market economy similar to the Swedish "Gnosjö- mentality".

With our increasing crime, the underhanded affairs of those with power, and a general breaking up of our nuclear families, it is high time for us to begin to reverse the trend by making the change to the right lifestyle.

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