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3.10 Other countries could also need disaster plans.

Earthquake belt
The sixth seal and the first four trumpets in the Bible's book of Revelation warn of increasing disturbances in nature, everything from earthquakes to drought, or torrential rains with flooding. See illustration 5.2. Smaller earthquakes can occur over almost the entire earth. But the area of higher risk for really large earthquakes, with thousands to hundreds of thousands of casualties, stretches like a belt around the earth's equatorial zone. In just this zone exist about 40 cities with a population of a million or more.

Even today, natural catastrophes cause more refugees than wars, nevertheless, our mass media devotes more coverage to wars.

However, with the prophetic warnings of the Bible, Christians should be better prepared than most to help others chart a course through the chaos.** On God's day of judgment, our unselfish good deeds will count more to our benefit than the "correctness" of our theology.

** In Sweden are since 1991 Christian aid organisations working together in ten countries. They are helping people in need. Bertil Engquist is responsible for the aid organisation called Operation Mercy.

In Denmark, secular so-called "chaos pilots" are trained to be able to quickly mobilize rescue work with the help of survivors.

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