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2.3 The Plan of Salvation--the Bible's second main theme

The plan of salvation
Series 2, "What Purpose does history and the future hold?" takes us on an exciting journey, thousands of years back in time, and over a thousand years into the future. The intent is to show how God, despite the Fall of man, directs humanity towards definite goals throughout the various ages of time.
  • The final age is a thousand year reign of peace where the unselfish lifestyle of the Kingdom of God, finally prevails.
  • Before the final age, the Christian church has important missions to accomplish in cooperation with the Saviour.
  • Each subsequent age reveals further how evil and dangerous our selfishness is. This evil culminates at the end of our age in the Battle of Armageddon under the Antichrist's leading.

But before the end, God wants to first reveal his lovingkindness in a worldwide revival.

Preparation for this has occurred throughout the 1900's as a personal experience of the Holy Spirit has become accepted within Christianity.

Series 3, which is titled, "The Pathway to Freedom", is intended to give additional information on how we can grow as Christians. The series is expected to be first released after the year 2002. However, an overview of the contents is available in illustration 3.2 of Series 1.

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