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7.9 Matured unto life or judgment

Matured unto life or judgment
The main actors in the spiritual battle symbolize the different pathways:

  • On the left we see those who lead the way in the world's selfish lifestyle. Among these belong the evil trinity who rule their world empire with power, violence and lies. The Antichrist's propaganda minister, the false prophet, steers all the deceitful propaganda which characterizes the information society's counter revival, as described in illustration 5.4.
    The corresponding administration of the false world church is carried out by the harlot on the beast, who, at the time the Antichrist becomes possessed by the Devil, is transformed into a roaring Dragon against all true Christians.

  • On the right we see the people of God's kingdom who stand for the kingdom of God's unselfish lifestyle. These are usually called the Bride of Christ, and the Body of Christ. (See illustrations 5.5 and 6.2) The illustration of the Bride of Christ emphasizes a growing love for Christ.
    The body of Christ is notable both for its emphasis on a proper loving cooperation between its members, and its willingness to receive direction, love and power from Christ, who is of course the head of the body.
    Their way of life is therefore diametrically opposed to the spirit of the world (see The International in illustration 7.0.1).
In Revelation 12 and 17, John is allowed to see more of the battle between the kingdom of God, and the Devil. By his own fall into sin, the Devil also deceived a third of all the angels into falling (Revelation 12:4). On the earth, he has since then been the root of all evil, from the fall of man to the rebellious spirit of the world empires, as mentioned in 7.0.1 (see also illustration 6.2).
John saw how the dragon persecuted a pregnant woman, who symbolizes the people of God's kingdom. These are all the Jews and Christians, who through the ages have willingly given birth to something new in the kingdom of God on earth, despite their suffering. The Jews gave us the Bible and the Savior. Thereafter, the Gospel has primarily spread through "heathens" who became Christians. The people of God's kingdom will through their work:

In this manner the truth that God is good, and that Christ has defeated the Devil is demonstrated before both humans and the spiritual world. (Eph.3:8-11) This causes the Devil to become insanely wrathful.

The Devil has seven heads with seven crowns, and 10 horns. The seven heads symbolize that its kingdom is composed of a cultural heritage from all seven previous kingdoms. That every head has a crown symbolizes that each earlier kingdom persecuted the woman when it was in power. The 10 horns symbolize the end time's "10 co-reigning kings", who voluntarily give over all the more power, to the Antichrist.
Thereafter follows the endtime's last great persecution . When the Bride has completed her assignment, she is exhorted to "seek refuge in the wilderness", in anticipation of her salvation. At the time that the Bride is rescued, God's protection for humanity is removed. (Illustrations 5.7, 5.8, and 5.11)

When this happens, hell on earth breaks loose, when people will destroy each other without restraint, almost to the point of extinction.

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