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7.1 The Egyptian Empire

The Egyptian empire
The Egyptian empire included, besides Egypt, current-day Israel, Lebanon, Jordan and parts of Syria. It lasted over two thousand years, even if it weakened significantly towards the end. Since the first two world empires had already passed away when Daniel's prophecies were given, we do not receive any other comments than that they had existed. The five later world kingdoms which are covered in Daniel and in Revelation, are on the other hand described not only with words, but also figuratively in terms of animals and people. These five later kingdom names are given in bold type in the table.

I have therefore chosen the pyramid as the symbol for the Egyptian culture (illustration 7.1). The purpose for this is to show with a simple example how the pyramid has more or less consciously become a part of our cultural heritage.

The pyramid has in fact been allowed to adorn all US one-dollar bills, together with the motto, "In God we trust." ( Illustration 7.2)

And if that is not enough, the top of this pyramid contains an all-seeing eye. This symbolizes not only the Egyptian god of light, but also political/economic supervision from two secret orders, Illuminati, and the Free Masons. The year 1776 represents not only the year the USA won independence, but it is also the year in which the secret order Illuminati was founded.
The Free Masons, who perhaps have 6 million members, are regarded as having their roots even further back in time, from the building of Solomon's temple, and from the even older Egyptian culture.
These two orders are currently working to institute that which in New Age talk is called: "The New World Order", and which is printed in Latin on the one-dollar bill under the pyramid as: "Novus Ordo Seclorum".

Secret orders clearly violate biblical ethics and morals, which promote complete openness. Why does the so-called Christian USA tolerate such a symbol on its one-dollar bill? Does it depend merely upon the people's ignorance, or upon the secret orders' great hidden power and influence?

Note: The Hebrews' stay in Egypt for 440 years, including their time as slaves, is not mentioned in extant Egyptian writings. A hitherto unproven theory which has been put forward is that it is the result, according to the Bible, that the entire Egyptian army drowned in the Red Sea as they pursued the Jews, even though they had received permission to leave the land.
According to the traditions of that era, the army was accompanied by the rulers themselves, in this case, the Pharaoh and his oldest son.
But the angel of death had slain Pharaoh's oldest son shortly before the Exodus. The country would therefore have been without its customary top leadership for almost two generations. This could have been so awkward that it was officially silenced and suppressed in Egyptian historical records. In our day, written Soviet history has done this very thing many times.

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