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7.14 Personal comments about EG/EU.

In the USA as well as in Europe, many Christians refused to be aligned with the EG/EU, and without hesitation labeled it as the beginning of the Antichrist's state of the beast. But, as one who has had many years' experience as the former Swedish representative in EG/EU's work group for nuclear safety, I want to here give a word of personal testimony.
Before my first work meeting in Brussels, I prayed to God concerning his will about whether I should participate or resign my assignment. I was reminded at that time of how both Joseph in Egypt, and Daniel in Babylon received wisdom from God and became of great help and blessing to their lands, despite the fact that they were in completely heathen kingdoms.
But neither did they compromise with anything that was wrong in God's eyes.

Therefore I believe that God needs people in both present and future Europe, who dare to stand for truth and Christian values, having the aim of relieving the birth pains for the world.

In the recent past, the USA pressed the Soviet Union's Gorbachev to begin to respect human rights. In a similar manner, EU has attempted to influence other countries, including several Muslim countries, to begin to uphold human rights, so that they can be included in EU in the beginning of this century. This could result in a new short period of freedom to preach the gospel even in these countries, similarly to what occurred in the former Soviet Union.

Sooner or later, something like the "United States of Europe" (USE) will undoubtably arise from the old territories of the Roman empire. After the chaos of the third world war, the risk will greatly increase that the USE will partially or totally transform into the Antichrist's beast state.

At that time, when the Antichrist begins to demand divine worship, loyalty from our side must come to and end.

The significance of the Beast's 10 horns

When the Bible uses numerical values, they can be factual or symbolic. Therefore we would be wise to not prematurely lock ourselves into the thinking that the number of the beast's horns must be exactly 10.
It is interesting to note however, that even the world's current leading politicians have spoken and written of 10 participating states in a global world empire (the so-called Global Village). In a document titled, "Regionalised and Adaptive Model of the Global World System", from the Club of Rome (1973), a model was presented on how the entire world could be divided up and governed in 10 political/economic regions, which were called "kingdoms".
The Club of Rome was the architect of the Coal and Steel Union which preceded EG/EU. We should be careful therefore, to not just disregard all thoughts of new alliances of power in the future.

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