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7.13 The Millennial Kingdom

In the next age, which is also called the Millennial Reign, it will finally become genuinely popular to be a Christian, since the devilish origin of evil has been exposed and bound. During the millennial reign, the Devil and his evil angels will actually be "chained in prison". People will therefore become much kinder than before, since there will no longer be a systematic influence of evil from the spiritual world.

For almost two thousand years the people of God's kingdom, in all their trials, have longed for and looked forward to this time when evil would be bound. They have prayed for it with the words, "Your kingdom come on earth."

When it is fulfilled in the next age, the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ in union with his Bride, will exercise a genuinely good dominion over humanity. With this, the kingdom of God can be manifested in its fullness, and peace, true peace, will finally prevail on earth.
In our age, humanity has only had an enticing foretaste of all the blessings coming with the kingdom of God. We could therefore sum up the millennial reign by saying that it is the "golden age" for people on earth. The knowledge of God will then become as deep as the ocean. (Isaiah 11:6-9)

Nevertheless, not everyone will accept Christ in their hearts, but some will content themselves with a form of Christianity. These will openly fall away when the Devil is released after the millennial reign, for a short period of testing.

By this, God will show that not even the most ideal external environment can make humans become good and inwardly transformed. Salvation through Jesus Christ is therefore the only way which truly works, if we follow the "instruction manual" of the Bible.