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7.12 Some important conclusions

The majority of world empires have had the following in common: What can we further learn of all this? A clear conclusion is that according to the Bible, history and the future are not meaningless. In order to help us later see the principal theme in this section, we will again remind ourselves of the events surrounding humanity's first monument of pride, namely the Tower of Babel.

With this undertaking, mankind would try in their own strength to build a tower clear up to heaven. Up until this time, humanity's strength lay in a united governmental authority with a single language. (Gen.11:1-8) God observed at that time, "If they already can accomplish this when they have just begun to apply their political and linguistic unity, imagine what they will be able to do in the future. Nothing will any longer be impossible for them."

God did not want the Devil to have the possibility of taking advantage of these facts for his own purposes, so early in history.

When the Devil finally gets his chance, the origin of evil, and its consequences are revealed once and for all - before both humanity and the spiritual world - in the most advanced of all the world kingdoms. (Eph.3:8-11)

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