Do History and the Future Have Meaning?

2.1 The Bible's unified message
2.2 The Saviour -- The Bible's first main theme
2.3 The Plan of Salvation--the Bible's second main theme
2.4 Societal Development and the Population Explosion

3. Developments in the 1900's

3.1 Calculated increase in human population over the last 50 years.
3.3 The world's energy consumption - a growing problem
3.4 Energy consumption per capita
3.5 The Earth's Energy Resources
3.6 When will the oil run out?
3.7 The Middle East: The World's Last Oil Reserve?
3.8 The Middle East: Battleground of the Future?
3.9 Sweden needs crisis-time supplies of energy
3.10 Other countries could also need disaster plans.
3.11 The battle over our thought life.
3.12 Change to the right lifestyle

4. A short overview of the plan of salvation

4.3 Increasing light or darkness
4.4 Make the right long-range choice
4.5 The ages of time demonstrate the necessity of salvation.
4.6 The bride's purpose on earth, and salvation
4.7 Change of rule -- when the Devil's wickedness is demonstrated
4.8 The resurrection of the dead, and the final judgement
4.9 The final triumph of the kingdom of God

5. Events of the end times

5.1 The end of the age
5.2 The consequences of selfishness and evil
5.3 End time waves of revival of the truth
5.4 Falsehood's counter-revival in the end times
5.5 Supernatural cooperation within the body of Christ
5.6 Worship and the presence of God bring forth life
5.7 The Antichrist and the last battle
5.8 Raptured out of the persecution
5.9 The judgement seat of Christ
5.10 The judgements of wrath begin
5.11 Jesus' return as King
5.12 God's victory - a Christlike bride
5.13 Raptured or left behind?
5.14 Could the rapture occur either before or after the end times?
5.15 If the rapture does not occur until the end of the Millennium.
5.16 Misunderstandings of the role of the Jews in the plan of salvation.

6 Actors in the end times

6.1 Pseudo-Christianity or the Kingdom of God
6.2 The Harlot and the Bride
6.3 Three groups in the world
6.4 Spiritual growth in the kingdom of God
6.5 Economic selfishness among Christians
6.6 New birth and backsliding during persecution

7 The history and future

7.0 Overview of the kingdoms of the world.
7.1 The Egyptian Empire
7.2 The Assyrian Empire
7.3 The Babylonian Empire
7.4 The Media-Persia empire
7.5 The Greek Empire
7.6 The Roman Empire
7.7 The Nazi Regime
7.8 The Beast becomes the Antichrist's world empire
7.9 Matured unto life or judgment
7.10 Truth crushes the statue
7.11 The city of Babylon is demolished
7.12 Some important conclusions
7.13 The Millennial Kingdom
7.14 Personal comments about EG/EU
7.15 Debate on the mission to Europe

The end of our age