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3-2 Keep trying to achieve the Goal

Keep trying to achieve the Goal
Perhaps you have already made an attempt and failed.(We called it a faith experiment in picture 1.3 ) If that is the case you may need to learn the following rules for successful development as laid out in the Bible and by modern businesses:

  • if the distance between start and goal is large, as it is in the school of life, it must be divided into several tangible stages
  • the second rule is - never give up - keep trying until you have succeeded with attaining your goal for the current stage. As you start each fresh attempt try and learn from your past mistakes and others successes.
  • do not remain in the same place for too long, but prepare yourself for the next challenge. Perhaps you may gain an understanding of what this might mean in the next picture.

This is exactly what God did in the Bible thousands of years ago. He then encouraged us, through Jesus, to be as bull-headed as small children, in our anxiety to learn how to apply the secrets of heaven.

Young children always keep trying, time and time again,until they have attained their current goal, such as sitting, standing, walking, or writing. We adults on the other hand, have a tendency to give up far too easily.