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2-9 The Saviours Way

The Saviours way
This is why God let His Son Jesus Christ be born on earth. As a Human Being he travelled the entire route of Gods ideal development. He is the only person who has ever had such an intense divine relationship that he resisted each and every temptation. In this way he became our perfect Rolemodel.

Because Jesus never sinned he had the legal right to return to heaven without dying. But he willingly forfeited his life on the cross, in order to give us sinners the right to live in Gods presence. As the sole Representative of the entire Human Race he therefore took our Collective Debt of Sin and our Sinful Nature upon himself. Thereby he, who had been without sin his entire life, was made sin as our substitute on the cross .

The picture also wants to illustrate that, Jesus solely by his supernatural birth by a virgin, could start His journey without egoism, from exactly the same place as Adam and Eve prior to the fall.

The example of Jesus thus shows that God was in no part responsible for what happened then.