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2-8 Man Searches - God Reaches Out

Man searches - God reaches out
As we all are created to live in freedom and fellowship with God, we feel an emptiness within us apart from God and this makes us spiritual seekers :

  • Some try to fill this void through career, alcohol, drugs, or through unbridled pleasure seeking.
  • Others seek the lost paradise through politics. In our own time we have seen dreams of both Nazi and Communist Utopian dreams crushed, and even to a certain degree our Swedish "Folk Home."
  • The most distinguishing feature of all heathen religions is the search for the lost divine relationship.
But none of these have the power to fulfil our deepest desires, which only God Himself can and wants to fulfil. Furthermore, we cannot ascend to God, but God can come down to us.
One of the most characteristic features of prophetic Judaism and of the Christian Doctrine is that God approaches us. He wants to show us the truth, and offer us his Mercy, Forgiveness and Help to achieve a richer and fuller life.