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2-7 Man Imprisoned

Man imprisoned
The result is that we have all ended up in a situation which the Bible compares to captivity, bound by the two balls the Flesh and the World. Modern psychology tells us almost the same thing but with other words - we are the product of Heritage and environmental factors. When we follow the ideologies of the world despite their conflict with the ethics and morals of the Bible, this confirms our captivity.

Most of us, though, do not understand that we are wrongly influenced. We have become so blinded by the spirit of the age that we appear to be wearing Black Glasses.

Nevertheless we think differently when we consider wild animals. Then we correctly define their freedom as follows. We call them free only when they are living in the environment for which they where created. Thus everyone admits that animals in zoological gardens are in captivity, no matter how nice their environment is arranged for them.

God who loves us wanted to wake us through his law represented by the 10 commandments. Each crime committed against these perpetual "traffic regulations" is what the Bible calls Sin. Here we receive the Sack which represents the mans accumulated debt of sin. Even small sins are sufficient to generate a Dark Cleft which makes it impossible for us to have the intimate and loving divine relationship which our lives where meant for.

Just as with the fall of the Berlin wall every liberation begins with our realisation that we have been tricked into captivity. Then we also must have the strength to act in accordance with that knowledge.

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