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2-6 A Life of Sin

A life of sin
The selfishness in our hearts is like a dirty spring. The Bible speaks of it in the following way: "For from inside, out of a man's heart, come evil thoughts, acts of fornication, of theft, murder, adultery, ruthless greed, and malice; fraud, indecency, envy, slander, arrogance, and folly; these evil things all come from inside, and they defile the man."(Mark.7:21-23)

Egotism is, the purple colour, thus taints more and more of our evil nature while we wander further and further away in sin. The part of our nature which has become controlled by selfishness in this way is called our Evil Nature, the Sinful Nature or just simply the Flesh.

Selfishness is having the self as god. The further we go astray the wider the road becomes through the freedom which we consider ourselves entitled to.

That which God has created within us is certainly good, but is far too weak to overcome the evil. That is why the Bible says that not one single soul has managed to live a perfect and sinfree life.