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2-4 Sin and the Fall

Sin and the Fall
Let us take a closer look at what happened to the first people Adam and Eve when they were tempted.

The Devil first showed them the correct purpose which God had for their lives that they should be like God. But he then managed to get them to doubt what God had said, by suggesting an apparent shortcut to attain that goal.

So instead of obeying God and eating of the Tree of Life, they fell for the temptation of the Devil and eat of the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil.

Through their disobedience mankind began its tragic journey away from Gods original plan for life.

Certainly God could have made us "perfect" from the start. But then we would have been more like law-abiding robots, than beloved friends of God.

Real love presupposes among other things that we through our free will rather refrain from something than hurt the one that we love .