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2-3 God's Training School

God's training school
The Bible shows us that our life here on earth is meant to be a school for eternity. Through it we are to obtain a portion of Gods own nature. But in order to accomplish this we must live in such a relationship with God, that we obtain (receive) both the will and the power to overcome temptations and difficulties which we encounter.

Just as in the world of sports we have to train in order to develop. We therefore ought to see every temptation and testing as an exiting match from which we may emerge as victors.

The spiritual and moral evolution into the likeness of God is here portrayed by gradually turning white figures into yellow, whilst we travel from start to finish.

Symbolically this means, that we overcome by eating of the Tree of Life in the picture.

Both God and the Devil offer us their help in our tribulations but on entirely different terms :
  • The Devil may offer us short term help, if he can destroy us in the long run through this.
  • God, on the other hand must, out of His love and with our eternal best in mind, sometimes give us a "foul tasting medicine".
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