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2-29 The Holy Spirit as a Guide

The Holy Spirit as a Guide
In order to succeed we must learn to enlist the help of the Holy Ghost who is omnipresent. In the Bible He is known as the Helper for this reason. If we then humbly ask for his assistance he will help us to correctly understand what we read.

When a portion of scripture fits into our situation, he makes that part of the message come alive for us. After this he wants to give us strength to accomplish our task. For those tasks which require supernatural "tools", he even wants to equip us with spiritual gifts.

Up until the 20th century the Holy Ghost was the most neglected person of the Godhead. Where this situation has been allowed to continue the church membership has decreased.

But in the situations where a personal experience of the Holy Ghost has been advokated, the results have been new waves of revival and church growth.