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2-28 Keeping the Balance along the Narrow Way

Keeping the Balance along the Narrow Way
God has never promised that travelling the narrow road would be all fun and games. Then people would chose it for purely egotistical reasons. Sometimes the road will be so difficult, that it will be almost a tightrope walk. But even then the Bible, which is "God's handbook for life", can offer us advice.

On more important issues we may even find that two apparently contradictory principles, eg.Law and Grace, Faith and Deeds.

The Biblical truth is the balancing pole which we need in order to avoid falling off on either one side or the other. This is because God's mercy, applied correctly helps us to fulfil His commands.

A purely hypothetical faith, without deeds is dead. For our personal development we find similar descriptions such as King and Servant, Lamb and Lion. Unfortunately church history is full of examples of how the Christian movement has ended up in one or the other of two ditches. Isn't it about time that we learned to walk more steadfastly on the road!