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2-26 Life, Death and Eternity

Life, Death and Eternity
According to the Bible our lives continue on after Death, but in another form. But then it is too late to change ones destination.

  • Only that Christ life which once came from Heaven will return to Heaven. It is perfect and will only bring with it that part of our personality which God has been allowed to purify through the positive fire of sanctification here on earth.
  • The fire of Hell on the other hand is the uncontrolled fire of egotism, which destroys and consumes without being satisfied. This is how our hell begins already here on earth.

I don't believe that God condemns anyone to hell. Gods judgement is rather to establish which facts are applicable at the point of our death.

Hell was never intended for people but for the Devil and his angels. Gods strongest desire is for all people to come to Heaven by allowing themselves to be saved through him.