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2-17 A Victorious Christian

A Victorious Christian
The foundations of victory over all evil was won by Christ on the cross. This objective fact is represented by the Bag and the Balls at the foot of the cross.

But then we, who have an active faith, must begin to take on a Conquerors attityde in Christ. This active involvement is represented in the Bible as an Armour which we must put on. This armour protects us from various satanically inspired evil Thoughts and Attacks. The Shoes represent our willingness to run Gods errands in order to help other people.

With the Sword of the living Word we can actively counterattack the Devil. We can then learn not only to drive him to retreat, but even to recapture areas which he has laid under him.

This battle often progresses in waves. But the final victory is our Gods, once we have learned how to cooperate correctly.