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2-13 The Journey - Sanctification

The Journey - Sanctification
If we then let this Christnature take up the battle with our egotism, then we will increasingly think, talk and act as Christ did. This is visualised by the way in which the yellow colour spreads increasingly and that the area controlled by egotism is diminished. The Bible calls this process sanctification, and it ought to continue throughout our lives.

This is Gods sovereign three step plan which :
  1. Breaks the Negative Influence of sin and evil through the death of Christ, symbolised by the cross over the flesh.
  2. Introduces something of His Positive Divine Life and Power through the new birth.
  3. Offers all people, even the weakest, the opportunity to become Victors, without providing them an excuse for pride over what has happened.

But this is not an automatic process. In every temptation we must choose to side with the Christnature. Only then do we become victors through the conquering spirit of Christ within us.

If, on the other hand, we continue to live as before, following the desires of our flesh, we run the risk of dying a spiritual death. For the nature which we decide to "feed" will dominate us more and more.

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