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2-10 Christ the Saviour

Christ the Saviour
Jesus Christ had to be both truly divine and truly human in order to function as Saviour.We have therefore in the picture symbolized Christs nature as a Magnet, as this needs both a South and a North pole in order to work Only as God could his single life reconcile the sins of all mankind. But as God he could not die. In order to do that, he simultaneously had to be human.

When Jesus died he was laid in a grave. But on the third day, he was resurrected just as he had predicted. Through his resurrection God demonstrated that Jesus was more than merely human. After showing Himself to the disciples and more than 500 people, during the course of several weeks, he returned to heaven.

The Cross in the picture represents not only Death, but above all - Gods victory over the Devil. Both Death and the Devil lose their power over anyone who in Faith claimes Gods Forgiveness, Mercy and Help.