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1-5 The Idea of the Trinity

The Idea of the Trinity
The fact that we Christians believe in a trinity has caused a lot of people much headache. And yet we use several similar concepts in our everyday lives, without reflecting any further on that. So why not accept it even in the area of religion!
  1. The volume of the cube is 1, even though it is made up of three distances.
  2. We are constantly dividing time into three parts, past present and future, in spite of thome constantly changing from one to the other. If we did not do so we could not function in any culture.
  3. Light is always emitted from a source. It comes to us in the form of light quanta which we perceive with our eyes.
  4. In a similar way the Son is sent by God the Father and they communicate with us through the Holy Ghost. We then perceive the divine contact with our spiritual eye, which the Bible calls our spirit.