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1-2 Creation or Evolution

Creation or Evolution
The first false wall concerns the belief in creation or evolution. The popular concept which we are taught in school is that creation is incorrect and that evolution disproves the existence of God. But this is simply not true. For even if the theory of evolution were correct , it could never disprove the existence of God. Good may still be there, if he has chosen to do as the man to the right, who creates a round ball so that his fingerprints cannot be seen. And in that case it is surely probable that the Creator also had a purpose with His creation. Furthermore we now know that the world is far more complicated than what it was thought to be during the 19th century when the theory of evolution was presented. It now seems that "chance and natural selection" are insufficient factors to drive the process forward.

Rather it seems more and more, that a Masters hand has programmed the development of life, everything from the vast expanse of the universe to the microcosmos within our cells and atoms.