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1 Origin and Authenticity of the Bible

The Bible
Question Tell us how you discovered the meaning of life?
Answer It all began when I heard that the Bible is God's Instruction manual for life.Then I experienced that it's message was true.Then I dared to follow one of it's instructions.
Question So you consider the Bible to be a reliable instruction manual for life? But can you give a more objective opinion - one that isn't your personal experience?
Answer The Bible claims, that God Himself inspired the prophets, through His Holy Spirit, to write the Old Testament, and the Apostles to write the New Testament. Finally, one could say in a more simplified way, that God Himself approved it all through His son Jesus Christ.
Question Can you give more examples of what happens, when one follow one of these instructions?

2 Choosing the Way of Life

The way to life
Answer Today is the most exciting time in world history. Never before has there been a time when hundreds of millions of people have seen walls crumble. Through that they got freedom to make completely new choises, not only politically and economically, but also in religious terms.
Question What sort of religious walls do you have in mind?
Answer These walls symbolize, among other things, false thoughts and ideologies, which block religious liberation. In Europe many dead traditions and the erroneous belief that the theory of evolution proves that God does not exist are still blocking it.

3 Back to the Bible

Back to the Bible
Answer When large numbers of people begin to realise that they have been fooled and start to leave their "dead religious traditions" in order to move on with greater freedom in the area of religion it is known as a revival. Only during the last 25 years, the number of people, who have experienced the Holy Spirit as a personal reality in their lives, has multiplied by more than 6 times to nearly 500 million.

Similar things have happened each time, throughout history, when people have wholeheartedly dared to commit themselves to any of the Bibles instructions.

Question What causes these alternations between living Christianity and dead traditions?

4 Our minds - The battlefield of ideas

The Devil's target
Answer It is because we humans are constantly being subjected to new thoughts and ideas which may affect the whole person, for better or for worse. That is the way it has been since the beginning of time, but in the information society of today we are being literally bombarded with new impressions.
Question What do you mean by spirit?
Answer The animals have only body and soul. But we have a spirit as well. That is why we have religious needs. We can also develop throughout our lives.
Question What do you mean by "develop"?

5 God's Training School

God's Training School
Answer God created us to develop as people, both our body, soul and spirit. We show this with the white coloured figure becoming more and more yellow on its journey towards the goal. It is only at this point that our lives become a school for eternity. In this school we develop, every time we overcome the temptations and difficulties we encounter.

Then they will not become meaningless or negative either. Rather they become exciting matches where we become winners, if we choose to live in correct relationship with God.

Question But if God created us good, where does all the bad come from?

6 Sin and the Fall

Sin and the Fall
Answer All evil originates from the Devil. He tricked Adam and Eve way back, that first time, when he persuaded them to choose the wrong path, which led away from Gods purpuse for man. What they did was to rebell against God - and their hearts became egoistical. Our egoism is something that we all have inherited from them.That is why it has taken us, on a similar journey, away from Gods original plan for our lives.
Question Do you think that there is a way back to the original goal?

7 Our Salvation

Our Salvation
Answer Of course. The salvation which Jesus won when he died on the cross, is a victory over evil, and it is a fulfillment of Gods plan for our life in 3 stages.
  1. We begin at the cross of Christ when we see our sin and ask God for forgiveness. That is when something remarkable happens.We are born again.
    Question What does that mean?
    Answer It means that we become part of the life of Christ. It is almost as we get new genes, you see, and that gives us the potential for a new and complete victory.
  2. After that we are meant to walk in personal contact with the Saviour Jesus Christ for the rest of our lives.The lifeline is a demonstration of how completely dependent on Him we are in order to overcome all temptations and eventually reach the goal.
  3. The sooner we start our journey, the more time we have to develop before we die and reach our goal. Our Christian life is then, no more dead theories, but living relationship with Jesus Christ.
Question Can you make a quick summary of this life, which you think that God has planned for us?

8 A Victorious Christian

A Victorious Christian
Answer We are created to win victory and to experience love, peace and joy, even in the midst of difficulties.This picture illustrates the fact, that Jesus already layed the foundation for our victory when he died on the cross.
In order to become a victorious Christian we must transform our theories and words into practical action. This includes not only spiritual growth as pointed out in picture 5 but also taking on our spiritual garment, for instance the helmet provides protection against all kinds of evil thoughts.
Question But surely you are not trying to say that all Christians live such a victorious life?

9 Defeated Christians

Defeated Christians
Answer Unfortunately not. Far to many live their lives in defeat. They allow themselves to be defeated both by their evil nature and by outside circumstances. We illustrate this with the balls and chains.
Question What are the reasons behind this?
Answer Most of them started on the right route, but then they stopped somewhere along the way. This is because they never learned to trust wholeheartedly in the new life which Christ had given them. Instead they tried to live the Christian life in a more traditional manner in their own strength.
Question So what is your view on my particular situation?

10 Ignoring God's Offer

Ignoring God's Offer
Answer When we hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we are confronted with the most important choise in our lives.
Question What do you mean by that?
Answer God's only means of effectively helping us is through the Lord Jesus Christ. If you say "no" to Jesus Christ you are really missing the meaning of life: The Biblical word for sin means exactly that - "Missing the Goal"! And besides that, you are running the risk of being eternally lost in your own egoism..
Question So what do you think that I should do now?
Answer Above all - start by reading the Bible! Then believe in that which the Holy Spirit makes real for you and act accordingly. Once you do that, you will already have begun your journey throught the school of Life developing yourself for eternity.

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