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Sam och Kerstin Here are we who have been involved in the Picture Series.

Kerstin Ekholm lives outside Stockholm, Sweden. Sam Ekholm passed away in the summer of 2003. The mourning after Sam, who suffered from cancer has been heavy. We (Kerstin and Son) regret that we haven't been able to respond via email during this time.

The idea of presenting the Gospel in a simple way has been a main goal for Sam since he in his youth worked with young people in Stockholm.

Sam has been involved in design, security and administration of nuclear power plants. He has also been Swedish representative in international workinggroups at IAEA, UNIPEDE, and EG/EU. During his last years as employee he was responsible for production of educational movies and books. These jobs made him better capable to complete the production of these picture-series about the Meaning of Life and the Meaning of History and Future.

Sam and Kerstin has been involved in Praise and Worship and Biblestudies in different churches.
David Credit to our son David who has instructed us and helped us in the web job.
Gunnel and Bertil Engquist have done the art design of the pictures. They have been working over 30 years internationally for the Operation Mission. Bertil is responsible for the aid called Operation Mercy. Gunnel och Bertil

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